Church History 3

Priests Serving True Sunshine Mission & Episcopal Church of Our Saviour


1906-1913                   Deaconess Emma Drant, Founder, Clergy-In-Charge


1907-1912                   Daniel G.C. Wu, Assistant Seminarian


1912-1942                   The Rev. Daniel G.C. Wu, Priest-In-Charge


1913-1915                   The Rev. Thomas J. Williams, Assistant Priest


1942-1944                   The Rev. Wai On Shim, Priest-In-Charge


1944-1947                   The Rev. Clarence Lee, Priest-In-Charge


1947-1961                   The Rev. Stephen S. H. Ko, Priest-In-Charge, Later Vicar


1961-1969                   The Rev. Walter Hsi, Interim Priest, Later Vicar


1969-1973                   The Rev. Canon James Pun, Priest-In-Charge, Later Vicar


1969-1970                   The Rev. Donald Seaton, Jr., Visiting Priest


1970-Present               The Rev. Ting Chang Yao, Assistant Clergy*


1970-1972                   The Rev. Russell Moore, Visiting Priest


1972-1980                   The Rev. Victor T. Wei

                                      1972-1973       Associate Priest

                                      1973-1974       Vicar

                                      1974-1980       Rector


1978-1980                   The Rev. Teresa Ebel, Associate Priest


1980-1984                   The Rev. Peter Lawson, Interim Priest


1984                            The Rev. Robert Howell, Interim Priest


1985-2008                   The Rev. Dr. Gordon K. Lau, Rector (retired), Assistant Clergy*


1985-Present               The Rev. Dr. Fran Toy, Assistant Clergy*


1985-2008                   The Rev. Baldwin Lau, Assistant Clergy


1993-1994                   The Rev. Robert Tsu, Assistant Clergy


2006-Present               The Rev. Dr. Katherine Ward, Assistant Clergy*


2008-2010                   The Rev. Canon Michael Hansen, Interim Priest


2010-Present               The Rev. Merry Chan Ong*


*Currently serving priests at the Episcopal Church of Our Saviour.